With a vast 8 years worth of expertise in training clients to the highest level, Phil has found successfully found solutions for a plethora of client goals. With his specialist areas being Functional Biomechanics and Post Natal Transformations, he truly understands how the body works. A competitor since he could climb on a bike, Phil excelled in cycling, competing at a National level before prioritising his time to build the company. Now his passion is to train smart using in house principles, selecting events and training specifically for them.


Alex is a walking encyclopedia for Nutrition and Strength Training. He knows exactly what to do to change clients body composition through effective nutrition strategies and has a host of case studies that show the results.
He has a hugely motivational approach to his coaching style which clients enjoy and respond greatly to. His ability to communicate all this knowledge and deliver it in a friendly and easily received manner makes him the ideal asset to the team.

Come with us Back Stage…

Im about to take you on a small journey backstage to show you how we get into peak shape whilst still maintaining a fun lifestyle! Lets strip things back for you and uncover this together. We will go through what you need to know about goal setting first and then take you through to how we achieve that peak shape goal.

Lets Get Our Priorities Straight

Firstly, lets look at all this stuff on a higher level, from a zoomed out perspective. Let us look at this from the angle of what’s important to YOU. Really this is the main driving force behind achieving our goals. The stronger this is, the more change we have of nailing the goals.

It starts with personal achievements. What do you personally want to achieve? No matter what the goal looks like for any of your friends or family, its really about overcoming obstacles and achieving that something that makes YOU tick. No one else can prioritise your goals and lifestyle factors for you, its something that is intrinsic and will be based upon your life in that moment of time.

Health and Fitness Goals to Change the Way You Live:

Happily play with grandkids with out feeling breathless – Viv B

Go enjoy biking and trail running with the finance – Lucy B

Complete your first Tough Mudder – Joy R

Do the Three Peaks Challenge – Alison T

Ride from Lands End to John O’Groats – Pete B

Do a Half Marathon in under two Hrs – Helen B

Goals can also be Visual or Body Transformation Goals

Go from size 16 to size 10 – Andrea H

Transform your body so you have a jaw dropping before and after – Steve K

Why Is This Important?

People love to compare. Often people assume that if their goal is deemed to be ‘little’ its not worth doing, which is total rubbish!

My point here is not to think of your goal as ‘smaller’ or ‘bigger’ than other peoples. Just think if your goal is important to you, then its important to us. Thats all the validation you ever need.

Once you have selected the thing that is most important to you, we can add some secondary and peripheral goals and once we get the ball rolling with achievements, really the sky is the limit!

So What Is Realistic?

This is purely related to our body transformation goals categorised above. Its so important for you to read this as its our job to tell you whats realistic, so you no longer feel pressured to compare yourself to the Insta-Book-Crew who’s bodies seem to be oh so perfect year round. How can this make us feel good about ourselves if we don’t understand the whole picture?!

Thankfully its now started to be documented how damaging shape at all costs is. I was reading Cosmo the other day (I’m outnumbered by ladies in my house) and they had a refreshing article on female fitness bloggers starving themselves for shape-at-all-costs-fame, causing serious harm to their health. Finally we are getting the real truth.

Let’s Lift The Lid

This is the part where I explain how we manage our shape throughout the year. This is so our expectations and goals are met YEAR ROUND so we don’t have those moments of despair and frustration which are often the case if you don’t sensibly pick your battles.

A peak, is called a peak as you must build up to it and come down off of it too. Otherwise you are stuck up the mountain and things can become very uncomfortable, very quickly!

Its a great analogy to think of hills and mountains when you are thinking about the year round cycle with training. Its realistic to live in the foothills of mountains but only climb up to the summit maybe  twice a year.

This is the point when your have balanced your lifestyle, training and nutrition to a level where you are very satisfied to sustain it on an ongoing basis. Many lifestyle factors play a part in this and again this is different for everyone!

12% Body Fat in the Foothills on the left to 9% in the middle at Peak, then to I really don’t know on the holiday to the right.

These are snapshots of us when we have truly strived to get to that peak which only lasts up to 7 days in the whole year (yes 7 days!) Remember to that studio lighting has a massive impact on definition too, so it makes you look more lean. None of the photos have been photoshopped.

You may not think there is much difference from Foothills to the Peak shape pics, but as a percentage increase I’m 30% more body fat than peak, so everything is relative.

This is so important to lay out and share with you our story as honestly there is so much social media pressure for both Men and Women to look their ‘best’ all the time. I just want to tell you first hand how unrealistic it is to look like this all year. We come off of this and down into the foothills to mentally recuperate and focus on building to our next goal.

What Should I Go For?

Upon meeting you and running out pre training assessment, we will be able to lock in on realistic and achievable goals. Importantly as we mentioned about its about what makes you tick. As we journey through we can level up the goals as our achievement roll in!

Lastly, do you ever completely relax?

Yes! As even living in the foothills the air is thinner than at sea level. For a mental recharge, when I’m on holiday…i’m on holiday. Similar to athletes in the off season, the aim is to become hungry for the main aims of the season again. See the picture above!

Friend are often shocked by me at dinner when they see me enjoying ‘bad’ foods like fudge brownie with cream and wonder how it all fits.  

The truth is this; I’m a normal human being that loves food just as much as everyone else. I have a Wife and baby girl, and if i was as militant and as strict all the time as it appears you need to be then I don’t think anyone would have me as their friend!

The important part is I use our strategy that tells us when to press the accelerator, feather the throttle or dab the brakes. This way I can achieve the goals that are important to me and still be ‘fun’ when it comes to enjoying food and drink with family and friends.

*Our Results:

  • We show you clients who are action takers, following our training and nutrition plans fully, not ones who just say they have.
  • We show you the finest, we don’t show you the worst.
  • We show you clients that we are genuinely proud of with their dedication and attitude.
  • The Results our clients achieve are determined by; the bodies ability to adapt to the correct training and nutrition. Training frequency, intensity. Your aptitude for movement. How consistent you are with all of our recommended daily actions that add up to results and the point at which your body starts at.
  • Your results will be personal to you, so you cannot get results exactly like these. You can only get your best possible transformation.
  • We hold all of our clients accountable to their own results. We don’t do the work for you.
  • Refusing to follow our nutrition and training systems could jeopardise your place upon our programmes and you position may be reviewed.
  • Part of our ethos is to leave no-one behind by working with you to unlock your peak condition. The reputation we have built here is that we are the leaders in helping you reach this.
  • Even though we have scoured the health and fitness world to bring you the best training and nutrition systems like you deserve. If you don’t pick up and use those tools that have been handed to you, you will not see results.
  • Your own actions will determine your own results.

Phil Gough (BSc REPs BWLA)